My take on blogging.

Posted on: December 5, 2011

Creating a blog for this semester was a new experience for me. I have never had a blog, nor did I ever have the desire to keep up with one. Ironically, I love writing, but posting my thoughts on the internet for the world to see is not completely ideal for me. However, I have come to learn about organizing my thoughts and writings into categories; public relations being the category under this circumstance. From this, I have learned how to write by following a theme.

As far as updating goes, I will most likely not continue to update this particular blog. Although, I can see myself maintaining a blog pertaining to my career path in the future. The main thing that I enjoyed about having to have a blog is the challenge to write according to a topic that I did not choose myself. Most of my writing experiences in the past have consisted of creative writing, so adding structure and boundaries was an effective way to strengthen my writing techniques.

Working in the corporate world (which is what I plan on doing some day) requires connection through social media, more commonly through blogging. Having knowledge of the corporate blogging world will benefit me when the day that I enter a corporation arrives. The only thing that I fear from blogging is becoming obsessed, like many social networkers do these days. All in all, my blogging experience has been a positive one, so it can only help to broaden my future career through social media knowledge.


3 Responses to "My take on blogging."

I was in your exact same boat at the beginning of this semester when it came to blogging. I,had no idea what blogging was, or how to even make one. I feel the same way about sharing my thoughts with everyone on the internet… not ideal. But it did, however, make things easier that our topics were given to us each week. That way we did not have to come up with our own blogging topic. I also agree with what you said about blogging in the future. I probably will not keep up with it for fun, but rather for future career purposes. Knowing how to blog will absolutely come in handy in our future as PR professionals.

I also believe similiarly to you on blogging. I like how you included how it relates to your future and your jobs in the corporate world someday. I think this will be a valuable activity for personal growth I do not know about for the public.

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